Compact structure, stable function and simple operation.
Double frequency converter controller,length of package will cut immediately once setting, adjustment needless, saving time and film.
It adopts imported electric appliance, touch manmachine interface, convenient parameter setting.
Self-checking function, trouble can be read easily. High sensor photoelectric color chart tracking, make the cutting position more correctly.
High sensor photoelectric color chart tracking,make the cutting position more correctly
Dependant temperature PID controlling suitable for various materials of packagingmenbrane.Position stop function, no adhesive and no waste of membrane.
Clean rotation system, more reliableoperation and more convenient maintenance.
All the controlling operates by the software,convenience for function adjustment and technical up grading.

основные технические данные

модель DZB-300C
макс упаковка потенциала (согласно его материал, чтобы исправить) 120-300bags/min
подходящие толщина пленки 0.03-0.06mm
длина сумки 65-330mm
упаковка с 30-110mm
тара, высота 5-40mm
интенсивность уплотнения ≥15N mm2
общая мощность 2.9Kw 220V 50hz
габариты (L х ш х h) 3500x900x1500mm
вес 800kg


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