Category: Flow wrap machine

Suitable for packing soft strip,such as towel, paper towel, dried noodles,omelet,banger, sleeve-fish,ice-lolly,candy.


Compact structure, stable function and simple operation.
The first third-generation double frequency control the bag could be set and cut,unnecessary adjust air without changing film color code tracking one pace reaches the designated position,it’s saving time and film.
It adopts imported electric appliance, touch man-machine interface, convenient parameter setting.
Self-checking function, trouble can be read easily. High sensor photoelectric color chart tracking, make the cutting position more correctly.
High sensor photoelectric color chart tracking,make the cutting position more corretly
Dependant temperature PID controlling suitable for various materials of packagingmenbrane.Position stop function, no adhesive and no waste of membrane.
Clean rotation system, more reliable operation and more convenient maintenance.
All the controlling operates by the software,convenience for function adjustment and technical up grading.

Main Technical Data

Model KD-260B KD-350B
Max.film width 260mm 350mm
Max packaging capacity(according to its material to fix) 50-220p/min 50-220p/min
Suitable film thickness 0.03-0.06mm 0.03-0.06mm
Length of bags 60-330mm 80-350mm
Packaging with 25-100mm 50-200mm
Packaging height 5-45mm 10-70mm
Intensity of Sealing ≥15 ≥15
Total power 2.4Kw 220V 50hz 2.7Kw 220V 50hz
Overall dimensions(L x W x H) 4100x920x1500 4000x1000x1500
weight 600kg 680kg


Automatic pillow-shaped packaging machine    
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